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Carta Oberta a la Directora General de la UNESCO amb moitu de la vaga de fam pel català de Jaume Bonet

Carta a la Directora General de la Unesco, amb motiu de la vaga de fam pel català de Jaume Bonet. Enviar-la a: info@unesco.org o i.bokova@unesco.org, per email. O per carta, a : Ms. Irina Bokova, General Director, 7, place de Fontenoy 75352 Paris 07 SP France

Hunger Strike for Catalan in Majorca

Dear Ms. Irina Bokova,

On March 1st Mr. Jaume BONET MOLL began a hunger strike in Palma de Mallorca in protest against the measures announced by the Government of the Balearic Islands (Spain) which would greatly restrict the effective compliance of international instruments adopted by the Government of Spain, such as the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, as regards the Catalan languages, which has been the language of these islands since they were conquered by the king Jaume I in the 13th century.

These measures include changing current legislation so as to retain only one of the two official languages (Spanish) as a requirement for regional civil service candidates. Knowing Catalan would become just a "merit" (see, for example, http://dbalears.cat/actualitat/balears/jaume-bonet-du-19-dies-de-vaga-de-fam-i-ha-perdut-uns-20-quilos-de-pes.html)

Mr. Bonet-Moll is a member of the board of Jubilats per Mallorca. Their website is http://jubilats.balearweb.net. At the time of writing Mr. Bonet's hunger strike is now in its 20th day, and it is reported that his heart condition is giving rise to some concern. Visiting hours have been restricted. There are filmed and written filmed interviews with him here: http://www.vilaweb.cat/noticia/3994799/20120315/jaume-bonet-vaga-fam-llengua-seria-fotut-deixar-morir-sense-dir-res.html and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vrsK6LhlLE

Given that the reaction from government circles doesn’t exist, we fear that his plight is falling on deaf ears and his health will be in great danger unless someone acts as an intermediary.

We humbly but earnestly ask your Organisation to intervene.

Yours sincerely,

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